10 things your man does to make you feel like you’re in a Real Life fairy tale!

10 things your man does to make you feel like you’re in a Real Life fairy tale!

What signs should we look for? What are the signs of true love, you say? Is it the sparks when you kiss or the tunnel vision when you see them? Not exactly.

1. The way he says your name.

Ladies, he will absolutely caress your name into his mouth. His tone will change audibly. Perhaps, it won’t be obvious to others but it is highly recommended that you pay attention the next time he says your name. It will sound like his voice is cradling the sound of your name (mind you, it will resonate in your very soul; don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

2. He’ll start reading your mind.

That’s right, you will begin to suspect him of telepathy. It is widely said that people who bond on a deep level will eventually find their minds (and hearts) in sync. Next thing you know, he’ll be completing your sentences sometimes thoughts, even, and you’ll be staring at him in awe as he stands there smugly, appreciating how much he knows you (no doubt about it, he does).

3. He will frustrate you.

Yes, you heard me. Now, who says a happily ever after requires zero fights? He will get possessive and sometimes simply act crazy (but, about you) and you won’t be able to decide whether to give him a black eye or just simply marry him. P.s I say, marry him.

4. He will put you first.

When is it love? Girl, there is no such thing as ego. You will provoke him and sometimes tell him to fight back, but if the situation calls for it, he will keep his cool. He will understand your need to, take it all out on him, for him, and he will refuse to retaliate. Have you ever heard of a human shield? There you have it, your own safe haven.

5. He will see Fiona in his Shrek.

You will spend 4 hours trying on a billion clothes for him. Putting on good makeup and making sure your heels don’t make you look taller than him (oops!) But, he’ll still tell you that you’re absolutely beautiful when you’re in your Spongebob Pjs and that your makeup doesn’t exist. Wait for it, girls.

6. He will never stop making you laugh

Now you see, many of you may now think, Not all men have a sense of humor. But does he love you? He will do anything to conjure you up a circus on the spot, because he literally can’t stand to see you sad. He will always have his ways. Always have faith in that.

7. He will be your best girlfriend.

Look, a guy who is unable to relax and have fun with you is probably not Mr. Right (no, you’re not looking for Mr. Wrong.) He will probably go shopping with you like there’s no tomorrow. Besides, for all the guys who hate shopping … he is. P.s look for the one who has a streak for making ice cream plans at 4 a.m., it’s worth it.

8. He will never let you fall asleep sad.

Yes, he will irritate you, he will irritate you some more, but he will never let you sleep in a puddle of your own tears. He will be determined to promise you a lifetime of nights spent smiling at the ceiling like a crazy personВ because he makes you feel on top of the world. At the end of the day, he will lower his ego, even when it’s your fault (don’t push it, apologize) because he is so crazy about you.

9. He will follow the famous “I don’t like small talk” rule.

He’ll want to get to know you. Like, really get to know you. The kind of familiarity that makes you doubt your sanity (but in a good way.) He’ll want to know from what your favorite color is to what you think about that weird episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog. I mean, as Emily Bronte says, whatever our souls are, his and mine are the same.

10. He will NEVER make you feel like you’re not good enough.

It is so unfortunate to see so many guys unconsciously or consciously make their girls feel neglected or insecure. Your true love will never try to make you jealous. AND EVER. He will be willing to write you into the sky that only has eyes for you. He will never compare you, because you are as cheesy as you are his one and only.

Wait for it, ladies. I promise it’s worth it, May you meet and may you never want to read this article because you will only know.


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