10 Things That Women Want but Would Never Tell Their Man

10 Things That Women Want but Would Never Tell Their Man

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Every person has their weak moments and vulnerabilities, times when they need picking up. There’s nothing to be ashamed of either. Asking for help when one needs it, is one of the most honorable things to do.

These are the things that cause women anxiety; the reason is primarily that, undoubtedly it is a very tricky thing to ask for help as a strong independent woman, given the fact that society is already prejudiced against them. Any show of weakness can attract predators.

However, there are things that women want from you, but never have the heart to ask:

1.Be proud of me

Every woman wants her man to be proud of her. Women want their men to accept them as they are and that they appreciate the efforts that the woman is putting into the relationship. A woman may not say it out loud but she wants her man to feel proud of who she is as a person.

2. To protect her

By protection, we do not mean physical or financial protection but emotional and spiritual protection. Women wish their partners to understand when they are down and help them get back on their feet. They expect their partners to be aware of the troubles brewing within them and to protect them if they fail to protect themselves.

3. To give her attention

It applies to both the parties actually. If you are in a relationship, both of you depend on each other for mental and emotional well-being. There is no one else from whom you could expect attention other than your partners. And hence, it is important to make sure that you make each other a priority.

4. To communicate with her

Men have difficulty expressing themselves when compared to women. But communication is the key to any healthy relationship and a woman would expect her man to talk to her. She may not say it to your face but she would appreciate you to open up to her and express what you wish to say.

5. To help her out

The vice versa situation of the thing above. She might need advice or practical assistance from you, but might just be apprehensive to ask for it.

6. To give her the break she thinks she deserves

Because society already makes her work harder to come at par with its standards. It’s twice the shit and half the reward for her outside. It is only natural she wants a break from the routine.

7. Take the first step

It is harder for a woman to own up to the fact that she needs you to take the first step/lead because if she shows a weakness of any kind, she will be decimated. That is just the way it is. Be a lamb and don’t let such a situation arise.

8. To be there for her

Sometimes a hug is all it takes. Or even a shoulder for her to cry on. It is indeed that simple.

9. To be “her person”

To be thoughtful, kind and considerate of her. In short, to be humane to her and not just be the kind of person she meets every day at work.

10. To accept her for what she is

Everyone desires acceptance, mind, body, and soul. And so does a woman, especially from her companion. She knows that she is not perfect and that she may have flaws, but who doesn’t? The most important thing for her is, and this she would never say, that her man accepts her imperfections and strengthen her than make her insecure by rejecting the same.

Source:truthinsideofyou.org, daily.lessonslearnedinlife.com

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