10 Signs Your Lost Loved One Is Close By You and Attempting To Send You a Message

When we lose a loved one we may struggle with the grief and sense of loss. It’s difficult to say goodbye, the idea of never seeing this person again is both frightening and upsetting. While some may not believe in the concept of an afterlife of a spiritual realm, for those that do there is the hope that we will one day hear from those that have left us.

While our loved ones can’t return to us in the physical form that we remember, there are a number of different ways that they may try to communicate with us. From signs and symbols to shifts in energy, these little signs are sometimes missed or overlooked, however, if we are aware of what we are looking for we can keep our eyes open to these messages.

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1) You Can Sense Their Presence:
This usually manifests as a sudden drop in temperature or a slight chill that is immediately noticeable. The air may become heavy or still and it means the spirit of a loved one is nearby. This is perhaps one of the most common experiences we’re able to have with spirits and while it may be off-putting for some, it need not be. The next time you feel it happen, embrace it.

2) You Dream About Them:
When a loved one who has passed appears in your dreams it’s often believed that they are trying to tell you something important. These types of dreams contain messages or answers to questions you’ve been searching for. Don’t ignore or write them off as just a dream, it’s guidance, advice, and comfort coming from your loved one.

3) The Sudden Appearance of Random Things:
Objects such as feathers or coins that you find in random spots may not be so random after all. The spirits of our loved ones will often stick pennies, nickels, quarters, and other loose change in unusual places knowing that we’ll stumble across them. They do this as a way to help make us feel happy and to signal that they’re close by. So the next time you find a penny or a dime somewhere random, like on your front porch, thank your loved one for the thoughtful gift!

4) Lights Flicker and Electronic Devices Act Up:
It’s commonly believed that the spirit world tries to make contact with us through electricity. While no one knows for sure, it’s thought that electricity charges them up and forces us to pay attention when electronics go haywire. Lights will suddenly turn on and off, bulbs will burn out, computers and laptops will act strange, speaker volume may go up or down, radio and TV channels inexplicably change, your car won’t start. When these types of things occur out of the blue with seemingly no explanation, this means a loved one’s spirit is attempting to gain your attention and let you know they are present.

5) Familiar Scents:
When you suddenly smell a pleasant scent that is somehow familiar, it’s a sign that your loved one is nearby or present. Spirits use smells that are special to us because we immediately notice and pay attention to them.

6) You Just Feel and Know They Are With You:
Sometimes there doesn’t need to be an overt sign that forces you to stop and think about a deceased loved one. Instead, you simply can sense and feel that some loving, otherworldly spirit is present and guiding you. This 6th sense or inkling is calming and peaceful. It’s the type of feeling you get inside which you automatically attribute to the spirit of a loved one. For some people it even feels like they’re inside their head talking and sending them messages. When this occurs, and should it ever happen to you, it’s never scary or unsettling, rather it’s reassuring and welcome.

7) Music
Have you ever noticed that you keep hearing a specific song over and over again? It’s playing when you turn on the radio, on the PA system at your local mall and appearing in movies, television shows, and commercials. If this song has some sort of meaning to you or reminds you of your deceased loved one in some way, it may not be a coincidence. Music is often used as an effective means of communication both when we are alive and after we pass.

8) Clocks Stop
If you notice that the clocks in your home stop or temporarily freeze with no real explanation, this may be a sign that a loved one is trying to use these devices to communicate with you. The message differs from case to case, with some reporting that the clock stops at the time of d-e-a-t-h of their loved one, while others say the time was symbolic in some way. For example, it may stop at 7:15 if July 15th is a birthdate, anniversary or important date of some type.

9) Objects Moving/Shifting
One way that spirits will try to communicate us is by moving everyday objects. They may crack open a door, move an item into your path in order to catch your attention, or they may move a specific item. If the item has meaning, this may reveal who is trying to make contact with you or the message that they are trying to share. In many cases, they are simply trying to let you know that they are around.

10) Butterflies and Dragonflies
Those who study spirituality understand that there are a number of common signs and omens, each carrying their own message. Butterflies and dragonflies are often associated with the spirit world, meaning that they appear when someone from that world is attempting to communicate with the living.

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