10 Signs Your Ex is Pretending to be Over You

Most of the time, dumpers don’t need to pretend that they’re over you because the end of the relationship signals that they are. They end the relationship with the intention to go separate ways and focus only on themselves and things that matter to them.

Dumpees, on the other hand, find it difficult to pretend. They are usually so heartbroken that their ex can sense their pain a mile away.

If you got dumped and you’re trying to figure out if your ex’s actions are genuine, look no more. Here are 10 signs your ex is pretending to be over you.

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1. Communication is Ongoing

A person who has moved on will not keep on sending messages. Your ex may send you a drunk text, a desperate plea, an angry rant, or even a declaration of love.

Whatever the content may be, your ex seems devoted to keeping the connection going.

2. Body Language Reveals True Feelings

This is part of a complicated conversation. You may send off subtle signs, yourself, just as with watching people’s eyes.

This is more of a puzzle. Your old flame may still be in love with you. However, his behavior will vary depending on his personality. He may openly show his aggression.

Your ex partner will show his displeasure by being stiff. HIs face will reveal anger, through his flared nostrils and furrowed brows.

On the other hand, he may still reveal the same body language he used to show during courtship – as if he wants you back. His body could still be mirroring your actions.

He may still unwittingly groom himself in your presence.

3. The Eyes Linger

Whenever you see your ex, his eyes linger. Whatever emotion you suspect is still there will be clearly seen through his eyes.

You will know. But by trying to know, you will also risk giving him a tell tale sign of your own true feelings. After all, you will catch your ex partner’s eyes by also making use of your own.

4. Your Ex Partner Protests Too Much

Now, if your ex partner is making a big fuss about denying his broken heart, it may be a positive chance that he still cares.

Men or women may react similarly in the face of a heartbreak. Each may want to deny what he or she is feeling. So, they make a big fanfare of showing just how they have moved on.

Unfortunately, all this fuss is a good sign that he is not over you. He is trying but failing to pretend that everything is over and done with.

Reverse psychology may work – but not all the time. Sometimes, these focused actions may even be obvious signs that your ex still cares for or even loves you.

5. There are Attempts to Make you Jealous

Your jealousy should no longer be a factor to your ex partner’s happiness. If he is still making an effort to show off the new person in his life, then something is definitely up.

This is a sure sign that his love life is still affected by your reactions.

6. Stalking may Become an Issue

Now, you may not know about this unless you still have some contact with a few of your ex’s friends. They may alert you about how your ex has been prowling over your social media accounts.

Some friends may do this just to get a rise from you. Others may be genuinely concerned about their friend.

You may then want to block your ex on Facebook, unless you yourself want him to see what you are up to. You know that you are treading on dangerous, unhealthy ground if this is the case.

7. A Mutual Friend seems to be Asking Too Many Weird Questions

Common friends may attempt to act as bridges between you and your ex. This is understandable. They feel loyal to the romantic relationship that you two had. If they were close friends, then they would have felt the loss almost as keenly as you did.

Now, if a mutual friend has been asking questions, there is a strong chance that your ex has been passing on the queries.

8. Your Ex Partner Magically Pops up Everywhere

It seems that it is not just random material things that your ex partner cannot let go if he appears everywhere you go. Yes, you may have common friends and common haunts, but to see him everywhere? Something is up.

If you are still in love with him, you may even feel conflicted about it. If not – and if the breakup was far from amicable – you may even consider it stalking.

If the latter is the case, it does not matter if he still likes (or even loves you!), you are not comfortable with it. He must stay away.

9. Your Stuff is Still at Your Ex’s Place

One positive sign that your ex is not over you is if he is not ready to return your stuff. Yes, it could be a small gift, like a CD you prepared for him. It may be a stuffed animal or something else.

Whatever it may be, he seems to still be invested in whatever it is. There is always an excuse as to why he is still holding on to the items.

What about you? Consider the balance of the situation.

Do you still have your former partner’s stuff? If this is the case, perhaps he just wants to keep things fair. But if you have returned all of your ex partner’s things, then it may be a clear sign that he is still trying to hold on.

10. Your Ex’s New Partner Hates You

So, your ex has a new partner. It does not mean that he is over you. It may well be a rebound relationship if the new flame seems to be angry and insecure when you are around.

The new partner may be feeling something in the air. Your ex may be talking about you way too much. It may just be his behavior when you are around.

His new girlfriend or spouse is bound to feel something not quite not right. Your ex may still be reminiscing about his old relationship with you.

He may even be comparing the new relationship with what you have had before.

So, if the new girlfriend hates you, you cannot blame her. She may have a good reason for feeling that way.

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