10 Signs That He’s Selfish in Bed

Not all guys are affectionate, caring and tender. Some of them have no idea how to make an intimate moment pleasurable for a woman because the only thing they care about is their own satisfaction and fun. If you date such a man, you will never feel fulfilled in bed and the only thing that will be left after making love would be frustration. Could you be happy in such a relationship? We don ’t think so. Let’s see how to notice that he is a selfish guy in bed.

1. His foreplay game is virtually nonexistent.

He doesn’t bother trying to warm you up. Instead, he goes to the main event. Opening acts exist for a reason!

2. He only wants his positions.

He has his favorites, and they’re what you tend to find yourself in, even if you’ve told him they don’t really work for you or simply want to switch it up.

3. He finishes FAST.

He works like its the 100 meter dash. He’s pumping away, it’s doing nothing for you, and all the sudden it’s over. He’s the Michael Bay of boning.

4. When it’s over, he doesn’t even make sure that you also had some pleasure or if you need some cuddling.

He just gets dressed or falls asleep.

5. He has a lot of unwarranted opinions and feedback for you.

This guy could use a lot of pointers, and yet he wants to let you know what you could do differently. Or worse, he wants you to shave or bleach because it’s what he likes.

6. He doesn’t bother to take a good care of his own hygiene.

He smells awful and always forgets to use a deodorant and perfume for you.

7. He doesn’t help you clean up.

It’s the equivalent of cooking dinner for him and then having to do the dishes too.

8. He never goes down on you.

You may not feel comfortable with that but at least he should offer this kind of pleasure.

9. He wants you even if you’re not in the mood.

He can’t express his sympathy and doesn’t understand that you may be tired after work or that you feel ill.

He may even blame you for being a woman who fails to meet her partner’s needs.

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