10 Signs Show That You Aren’t Lazy, You’re 100% Genius!

Are you a person who has a tendency to spend hours and hours lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling? Do you talk to yourself as a pastime rather that doing things that you will later regret? Are you a person who binge-watches TV series you’ve already seen?

If your day passes without you doing absolutely nothing, you’re officially lazy, according to your parents and closest friends. However, it appears that a lack of motivation and a sluggish behavior is a sign of an exceptionally intelligent individual and a very creative one. In fact, if it’s any consolation, you may not be a lazy person after all, but a genius!

There’s a very fine line between lazy and genius. And here we are today helping you know which side of the line you’re at.

Here are 10 points which show that you’re not lazy but rather a genius!

1. Not Too Many Friends

Such people don’t really have too many friends. Firstly, because most people don’t understand them; and secondly, because they are considered as creeps. Lazy people understand the value of serenity and they solely believe in the mantra – ‘The less people you chill with. The less bullshit you deal with’

2. Talking To Yourself

According to a lot of psychologists, people who talk to themselves are known to be intellectually stimulated adults. People around them might think that they are crazy but that isn’t the truth. People who talk to themselves basically like analyzing things and that too from all directions. So the next time you get into an argument with them, know that they’ve already rehearsed it 10 times in their head before.

3. Can’t Multitask

In spite of having a sharp mind, such people don’t multitask with their minds. They like to focus at one thing at a time and make sure they come up with the best results.

3. Mentally Always Working

You aren’t often seen moving physically and doing tasks but your mind is always working. You think of too many things. There isn’t a time when your mind is at rest. Probably, not even when you’re asleep.

4. Mess Is Your Middle Name

Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs had messy desks, just like most other geniuses. Geniuses don’t really understand the concept of cleanliness and well sorted rooms. They think it’s a waste of time. They can rather invest the same time in doing something more productive.

6. Doodlers

They don’t really need a proper page to doodle. The back of their notebooks, walls, desks and even hands are full of doodles most of the time. It helps them in looking at minor details of things and also helps them widen their imaginative spectrum.

7. Casual And Collected

You’ll never find a lazy person panicking. Not even in the worst of situations. They can handle things in a very composed manner. It’s just in them. Nothing can distort their peace.

8. Leader

These people are born with leadership qualities. They will be amazing bosses because they are used to making people work for them. And surprisingly, they’re good at it. Also, because a lazy person knows which person will do which task perfectly and quickly.

9. Efficient

Want to find the quickest method of doing something? Ask a lazy person to do it. They always find a shortcut to do everything. And as long as the task is done perfectly, who cares which method you use.

10. Nap Over Everything

A lazy person’s body might always be at rest but never their mind. It’s constantly flooded with a million thoughts, which is why sleeping is important. Their minds need rest and sleeping is the only time their minds stop working.

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