What according to you is the worst phase of being in a relationship? I would say, the ‘Break Up’. That’s because we always dream of a perfect and loving partner with whom we can stay happy lifelong. But, almost every relationship tends to wither after a point of time. If your relationship is not strong enough, you automatically lose interest in your partner and start checking out other people.

If you are going through the same thing and if you are unable to figure out whether your partner still loves you or not, mentioned below are nine telltale signs that can help you know whether your partner is interested in you as he was in those early and rosy days of your relationship, or not. Check them out.

1. You Both Have Nothing New To Talk About.

If your partner has no interest in knowing what’s going on in your life, and if you both no longer have any common topics to talk about, the chances are high that you both don’t enjoy each other’s company. And trust me, this is not a good sign for any relationship.

2. Your Partner’s Mind Is Always Somewhere Else.

Even while being with you or talking to you, if your partner always has one or the other thing going on in his/her mind, it’s an obvious sign that he/she is not interested in talking to you.

3. You Are No Longer A Part Of His/Her Plans.

If your partner has stopped hanging out with you or whenever he/she makes a plan for anything, you are not a part of that plan, it is a clear indication that your partner does not like your company. Either your partner is bored of you or feels embarrassed to take you out with his/her friends and colleagues. If this is the case with your relationship, I suggest you talk to your partner asap.

4. He/She Always Blames You For Everything.

Another good indication that your partner is falling out of love with you is if they let it affect their individual lives. They will start to fail at things, and they will most likely start blaming you for their failures.

5. He/She Doesn’t Show His/Her Love For You As Earlier.

The spark that used to be there in your relationship earlier is no longer present between you guys. Rather than giving you attention, if your partner is always on a mission to impress others, consider it as an indication that he/she is no longer in love with you.

6. He/She Is Disrespectful Towards You.

When you truly love someone, you respect them. If you feel like your partner is losing respect for you, and acting in ways that are blatantly disrespectful, then perhaps you should consider the fact that they’re losing their love for you as well.

7. Your Partner Doesn’t Bother Giving You Explanations For Anything.

If your partner refuses to give you explanations for anything, then you should understand that he/she has stopped considering you a part of his/her life. She/he simply feels that she/he doesn’t owe you an explanation.

8. Your Partner Always Has An Excuse For Not Spending Time With You.

If your partner constantly gives you one or the other reason to escape meeting or spending time with you, there is surely something fishy going on. He/she probably doesn’t love you any more or already has someone else in his/her life.

9. Your Partner Is Distant – Both Physically And Mentally.

When was the last time that you both enjoyed an intimate moment? Is there hardly any physical contact between you both? Or even if it’s there, you do not feel the passion? If there is a lack of intimacy between you two, you need to start worrying about your relationship.

10. He/She Doesn’t Want To Work Or Put Efforts Into Your Relationship.

When it comes to putting efforts into your relationship, it is generally women who prefer talking about the problems. But, if a man is committed towards his relationship, he will put in all his efforts to make it work. If your partner is not interested in resolving the issues between you two no matter how much you try, it is a clear indication that he/she doesn’t love you anymore.

Source:relrules.com, stylecraze.com

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