What we have for you in today’s article are 10 things that your body says about you now! We are all unique individuals; however, some characteristics and parts of our body can actually tell us more about ourselves and our personality.

10. The Size of Your Hands And Fingers:

Now the size of our hands and finger length vary from person to person, and due to this, it can tell us a lot about ourselves.

So if your ring finger is longer than your index finger, it suggests that you’re a confident person.

But if your index finger is longer than your ring finger, then it indicates that you’re highly intelligent and cunning.

Index and ring finger are the same length: Congruency and balance are your allies. You’re a good commutator and orator.

9. The Color and State of Your lips:

The color and state of your lips can say a lot about your lifestyle, and just you as a person.

• Thin lips:

You’re likely a loner with a competitive spirit. While you like recognition, you tend to prefer your solitude and peace over big hooplas. You may not be so comfortable in relationships with people that aren’t independent.

• Wide lips:

You’re likely always devotedly attending to and catering to those you love. Your nature is to be kind, outgoing, and generous.

• Full lips:

You’re likely very nurturing. If your mouth is larger and your lips are fuller, then Jean says this denotes you’re likely very helpful and generous. If your lips are full on a small mouth, however, you may be more selfish.

• Average lips:

This is a medium-sized lip that blends into your face without any exaggerated features. It may signal an appreciation for independence and affection and disdain for drama.

8. Your Fingernail, lunula

Now we’ve all seen or heard of that white crescent-shaped area at the bed of the fingernail or toenail. However, what does it really mean?

According to experts, the lunula indicates that you are energetic and healthy, in fact, the more active you are, the whiter the lunula is, on the other hand, the absence of the lunula could also be an indication that you’re not getting enough sleep as it’s difficult for the loo Nella to grow that way.

7. Your Feet

There are various things that your feet can reveal about you, and amongst these are some personality traits. For example, if you are flat-footed, then it suggests that you’re hardworking and healthy, while those with narrow feet are often vain with a good sense of style.

6. Your Toe Length

Although it may not seem as much your toe length can actually say a lot about you to, have a long second toe, well then you’re most likely born to lead others however you’re level-headed nevertheless if your third toe is quite long that means you’re an energetic, lively person. Still, if it’s shorter, then you prefer to live a simple more calm life. If your big toe is short and stubby, then you’re a good multitasker; however, if it’s a lot longer than the rest, then you are creative and smart.

5. The size of your hands.

According to experts, the size of your hands can also say a lot about you, in fact, more than you think to take your hand and place your thumb on your elbow, if you can touch your wrist with your middle finger then you have large hands, if not then you have small hands.

People with big hands are said to be sensitive and tend to be perfectionists, while people with small hands are said to be bigger risk-takers with excellent problem-solving skills.

4. The Color of Your Tongue

Although many consider the tongue to be simply the muscle that helps us speak and eat, the color of your tongue can, in fact, say a lot about you and your personality.

An excessively red white or black tongue can be signs of a serious infection or bacterial growth while the sore tongue can be due to too much stress or a bad lifestyle.

3. Eyes Color

Here’s what your eyes may be reflecting of your personify:

• Darker eyes:

Maybe more of an introvert and mysterious than lighter eyed people.

• Lighter eyes:

More social, adventurous, and outgoing than darker eyed people.

• Brown eyes:

You could be a natural leader with high intelligence. Very dark brown eyes may mean you’re more secretive, mysterious, and introverted.

• Blue eyes:

Light blue-eyed people with curvy irises may be more competitive and feed off of a deep inner strength. Darker blue-eyed people are typically emotionally sensitive with great physical strength.

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