10 Morning Habits That Cause You Gain Weight

Try not to start your day with these little mistakes, and you will come closer to your goal of losing weight and staying fit.

Who doesn’t want to start each and every day on a happy and healthy note? But what if certain morning habits are doing the reverse by making you gain weight? It’s a cause for worry, isn’t it?

Unhealthy morning habits not only make your day more stressful and less productive but also add inches to your waistline and put you at risk of developing health issues. A good morning routine is a key to maintaining a healthy body and mind, and here we are revealing some basic habits that may be playing havoc with your well-being.

Make it a point to avoid these morning mistakes, and keep weight gain at bay:

1. Oversleeping

Sleeping properly can help you get beautiful skin, a healthy body, and peace of mind. Oversleeping has been linked to diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, and other medical conditions, including obesity. According to a recent study conducted by PLOS One journal, people who sleep more than 10 hours a night can lead to a higher body mass index than people who sleep between 7-8 hours. So avoid hitting the snooze button of the alarm, and wake up on time!

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2. You neglect a cup of warm water in the morning

Drinking a glass of warm water in the morning is a great weight-loss habit. It can help increase your energy levels, boost your immunity and improve your metabolism.

3. You keep the blinds closed after you wake up

Studies show that people who get some sun in the morning had significantly lower BMIs than those who get ready in the dark.

4. You’re not including right foods in breakfast

Even when you are dieting, you shouldn’t be completely cutting back on carbs and fats, as they are essential for your body. For maintaining optimum weight, try switching from having bread or pancakes to oatmeal or seeds like pumpkin and sesame seeds in your breakfast, which are high in fibre content. And include peanut butter and egg yolk that contain healthy monounsaturated fats, good for weight loss. Also, avoid eating processed and packaged foods.

5. Skipping breakfast

You might think you are doing a good thing by skipping breakfast and saving on morning calories, BUT ladies there is nothing worse than skipping breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal of the day which gives a kick start to your energy level and speeds up your metabolism while skipping breakfast can slow down your body’s fat-burning process, leaving you lethargic throughout the day and increases your chances of weight gain.

6. You check your phone first

Don’t get distracted by your phone in the morning. It’s better to start your day with stretching and a healthy breakfast.

7. You don’t perform stretching

Stretching is a good way to start your day and fill your body with energy. It can help you improve flexibility and tone your body.

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