10 Lies Every Husband Tells His Wife

10 Lies Every Husband Tells His Wife

Popping a lie is no big deal for men when it comes to being cautious and sensible in a relationship. Such tiny lies are not massive betrayals, but some good manipulated truth to handle a situation. At times, your husband might fib to make you feel better or to avoid a fight. A smile on your face is all that matters to your husband. There is no harm if that smile costs a tiny lie. Here is a list of 10 such circumstances when your husband may lie to you.

1. You Look Pretty In That Dress

This is the most common ‘forgivable fib’ used by husbands to avoid any hassle and ease their living. It’s not like they don’t care about you, but your emotions matter too. Thus, if some dress doesn’t work right with your body type, he might steer clear to make you glad.

2. I Will Be There Within 10 Minutes

Sometimes your husband needs time for himself. The delays in reaching home, long working hours, and long meetings are some of the ways to achieve so. This might put him in a situation for a tiny lie that won’t hurt anybody.

3. Leave This Up To Me

There are certain realms where guys wear their overpowering ego and like to take up the charge. From setting up the barbeque to fixing the car, they are confident they know everything. For them, declaring something beyond repair is better than admitting defeat.

4. It Is Not Your Problem

For men, to bleed is worthy, to reject a Band-Aid, delightful. They like to keep their problems to themselves and mostly use a poker face to hide it. Most of the time, they tend to lie about their problems so as not to sound like a cry baby.

5. I Kept Calling You

If you two are planning something together, the plans will get messy sometimes. If your husband forgets to pick you up on time, “I called you” is the perfect lie to shift the blame on you. All men tend to think they’re the nicest.

6. If You Don’t Want To, I Won’t

That is exactly the moment when your hubby wants it desperately. However, he’d never force you. He will be ready even if you change your mind in the middle of the night. The love is the key that keeps him turned on every time for you.

7. I Was Just Looking At Her Dress

There are some situations where you will have to stay calm and act wisely. It is normal for every human to catch a glimpse of another attractive person passing by. If you catch him doing so, this white lie will be a natural defence mechanism.

8. My Ex? She Was Just OK.

Men can’t be honest about their past. They will try to pass away the topic of their past relationships. They can never place the past over you. Hence, this can be called as a good lie.

9. I Told You, I’m Always The Best

Sometimes, he’ll say, “I am the best,” only to make you glad that you chose him as a life partner. This is also a way to stimulate his own ego. Who other than his wife can he choose to ask if he is on the right track or not?

10. I Never Lie To You

This can be a cognitive one. It is the kind of romantic and comforting thing your husband would say to make you feel special. He may not intentionally lie to you but he doesn’t want to hurt or annoy you. Alternatively, he simply might want to steer you away from a complex emotional situation.

Over centuries of dabbling, men have developed robust, scrutiny-resistant strains of lies. With the intentions of keeping their wife happy always, men tend to lie sometimes. However, these lies should be termed as a good lie or a white lie.

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