10 Last Straw Moments That Make a Woman Leave the Man She Loves

10 Last Straw Moments That Make a Woman Leave the Man She Loves


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We all know that women are good at giving. Especially when they are falling in love, they can devote everything they have to their relationships. However, if their partner crosses the boundaries, they will leave immediately even that partner is someone that they dream of.

In this article, we will list 10 mistakes that men can be easy to make then turn their relationship worse quickly.

01 . A man doesn’t want to spice things up.

It’s not that a woman wants her romantic relationship to be a rollercoaster ride, though, it’s vital to leave some room for new things. If a man insists on going to the same restaurant every day or wants to travel to the same place every vacation because he doesn’t want to step out of his comfort zone, his lover will definitely soon get bored.Those men are too lazy to step out of their comfort zone.

02. A man accuses them of having unreasonable expectations.

Women will not accept a partner who is not willing to share any worry with her and make her feel like all troubles are from her. Before thinking about breaking up with her beloved, women always gave this relationship another chance to be saved and had made many attempts to save it. But if a partner refuses to discuss things that worry her and, go on to complain about her unreasonable expectation, she’ll be left with no doubts that it’s time to break things off.

03 .A man cancels on them to hang out with friends.

No one feels good if their partner does not value them. When a man likes to enjoy weekends or free time with friends rather than with his woman. He’s gotten used to cancelling her dates and leave her alone. She is not in his plan anymore, and he only adds her in when he feels convenient. She will start to understand that this is a signal that she is of little importance in his life. It won’t be too long before she walks away forever.

04 . A man who has a lot of secrets

“If he’s acting like he has something to hide, he’s definitely cheating.” Even if this is not the case, it’s what will come to mind if a partner avoids texting when he’s near you, talks in vague details about his plans, or gets defensive when asked about where he’s been. A lack of honesty and openness will make any woman want to look for another, more stable relationship.

05 . A man who never there when they need.

A woman needs someone who can listen to them, understand their problems, and help them out of those troubles. It is sympathy. A man who sits in front of her but his concentration is somewhere, and pretending that he is listening to her is not a good partner for them. Their presence is just a reluctant. When a partner only pretends to be listening, a woman can feel that and she’ll understand that she’s being taken for granted. She does not want a relationship like that.

06 . A man makes a woman feel like his mother.

Deep down, women always want to find a partner who she can share responsibilities with, understand her and make her be a better version of herself. A man-child cannot do that. They never want to have adult conversations, and blames his partner for being a nag. In a relationship with this type of men, a woman will soon get tired of trying to take the responsibility off of his shoulders and making excuses for him. Eventually, they will want to leave and start looking for a grown man.

07 .A man ignores his partner opinions.

When there is a need to make decisions that affect both people in the relationship, a woman expects that her opinion will be taken into account. If a man thinks that he wants and needs don’t count and only focuses on himself, she’ll take it as a red flag that he doesn’t want her to be happy and doesn’t respect her.

Can you add any other points to this list? If you’ve ever been in any of these situations, what did you do to save your relationship? Share your thoughts with us.

08 . He puts his career first.

Everyone has their dreams and progress that they want to achieve in their life. However, a man who cannot balance between his career and his love is not a good partner to be in a relationship with. If a man is always too busy to spend time with his lover, she’ll want to leave him for good.

09. He compares her to other women.

No one wants to be compared with other people, especially by their partner. Women are very sensitive. Constant comparison of a girlfriend to other women is a very dangerous mistake. They will feel terrible, negatively affects her self-esteem, and, most likely, will end up in a breakup.

11. He makes her wonder if he even cares.

If instead of showing how important his woman is to him, a man takes her for granted and doesn’t want to put any effort into the relationship, his lover will never feel comfortable around him. For a healthy relationship, appreciation is important. It means appreciating a partner even for the little things they do.

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