10 Early Signs That Your Partner Will Break Your Heart

10 Early Signs That Your Partner Will Break Your Heart

During new relationships, you shouldn’t focus mainly on having fun while getting to know your partner better. Most importantly, pay attention to what’s going on during the honeymoon phase of your relationship.

By doing so it could help save you time and heartbreak later on. It also establishes a good foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

Listed below are ten early warning signs you should look for while dating. If your partner displays lots of these signs then the relationship could come back to bite you in the future!

1.You’re moving too fast.

New relationships can move at a whirlwind speed — at first you get butterflies in your stomach every time you’re with that new special someone and then you can’t help but fantasize about your future together as a couple. But if you start picturing your future children, pets, and the house you’ll live happily ever after in, slow down immediately.

Committing too early, even if your partner seems like “the one,” can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on a new relationship and your girlfriend or boyfriend simply might get scared off. Besides that, moving too fast can cause you to miss all the little things you can enjoy in the beginning of your relationship.

Don’t skip certain relationship steps. !

2. You’re being too clingy.

When it comes to a new relationship, you always try to build a strong connection with your significant other. This means that you can risk becoming too needy or clingy with your new partner and want to spend most of your time exclusively with them.

Everyone needs space and it’s important you both understand that early on. If you really want your relationship to work in the long run, continue to be the confident and independent person you were before meeting and starting to date your partner.

3. You’re ignoring the major differences.

Having similar core values is crucially important for a long-lasting and healthy relationship. However, most people ignore these during the honeymoon phase and regret it later because things like religion, morality, family, friends, career, and money make up our personalities and simply can’t be avoided at any stage of your relationship.

In order to prevent disappointment in the following phases of your relationship and to not waste your time on a soon-to-be-dead love affair, take some time to discuss these things before you move forward.

4. You’re trying to control your partner.

Attempts to take control of your partner’s life are usually a sign that you have serious trust issues. This includes feeling and acting jealous, trying to control the behavior of your significant other, and constantly checking what they’re up to.

If you try to control every move your partner makes it will make them feel like you’re trying to limit them. In the end, you’ll most likely push them away.

5. You’re pretending to be someone else.

We always want to seem better than we are, so we tend to keep the not-so-great qualities of ours under wraps for as long as we can, but we know that this can’t last forever.

It’s easy to understand whether it’s a secret you keep or a truly insignificant thing — if you feel guilty for not talking about it, it’s a secret you’re better off sharing.

6. You’re idealizing your partner.

We are all human and we all make mistakes sometimes. However, some people forget about it during their honeymoon period because they’re still wearing their rose-colored glasses and consider their partners to be purely perfect creatures.

Those people also tend to pay for that mistake later on. Never put your partner on a pedestal because it will only set you up for disappointment in the future.

7. You’re not talking to each other.

For some strange reason, many people believe that their partners can actually read their minds. Sadly, that’s not true, and this is one of the most serious mistakes you can make in a relationship. Similar to avoiding conflict, a lack of communication might lead to feelings of confusion and misunderstanding. Unresolved negative feelings are almost certain to turn into resentment over a period of time.

8. You’re tolerating bad behavior.

Never stay with someone who disrespects your personal space, making insensitive jokes, threatening to break up with you, making suggestions about how to improve your looks, calling you names, being aggressive, always showing up late, being glued to a phone during your dates, ignoring your rejections…

Trust me, lots of people tend to discount these red flags because other parts of their relationship seem to be good. Don’t be one of them by knowing these are clear warning signs of a future toxic relationship.

9. You’re putting your personal life on hold.

In the early stages of a relationship, it’s obvious that your partner will probably want to spend every waking moment with you. That often leads to you having less communication with your friends and family. If you find yourself doing this then stop immediately.

Remember that healthy relationships always involve some degree of independence, so try to divide your free time with your significant other, with your friends and family, and alone.

10.You’re bringing up your past experience.

Some things are better left in the past. This includes your exes, comparing your new partner to them, and your own old habits connected to your previous relationships, no matter how things finally ended up with them.
Your past relationships are important in that they shaped the person you are today and can help you understand what qualities you value in another person. But you should remember the golden rule: “Never talk about your exes until you feel secure in your current relationship.”

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