10 Awesome Survival Tips That Can Save Your Life One Day

Even when we were kids, we were already taught how to survive in life. For instance, we underwent fire and earthquake drills, so we would know where to go when such catastrophe happens. We were taught to be prepared – to be always prepared.

With how dangerous life has become these days, we thought it would be best to share with you some incredible survival tips. And we are pretty sure they will become very helpful to you one day. They are designed to enable you to make split-decisions even in an emergency situation. Check them out!

#1. Emergency Number

Interestingly, most cell phones have the capability of dialing a local emergency number. And believe it or not, you can do this even without a SIM card or if you are in an area where there is no signal. How? Basically, your device attempts to dial an emergency number by sending an electronic lifeline. This process is called “digital handshake.”

#2. Escaping Riptide

The first and foremost thing to do when stuck in a riptide is to never panic. Do not, by all means, fight or swim against it. It will only exhaust you. The best idea is to swim parallel to the shore and just go with the flow. At some point, the rip current will dissipate on itself.

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#3. Stopping a Car When the Brakes Fail

When this happens, make sure to still pump the brake pedal – fast and hard – to build up possible brake fluid pressure. However, if this does not help at all, the best thing to do is to use the parking brake. You can also try to scrape your vehicle in a guardrail or wall to slow it down. Although the last option will definitely ruin your car, it is still going to save your life.

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#4. How to Start a Fire With No Resources

The proven way to generate fire is by using batteries and two small pieces of foil, though you can replace the latter with a gum wrapper. Just place each foil on the ends of the battery to heat up and burn. Also, try using wrappers from corn chips like Doritos. They are surprisingly highly flammable.

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#5. Keeping Warm Using Campfire Rocks

If you are to build a campfire, always make sure there are rocks around it. These will control the fire. More importantly, they can be used to keep you warm when the fire dies out.

#6. Never Suck Out Venom

Contrary to popular belief, it is best for you not to suck out venom from a bite. It is only a bad idea, as it can help spread the venom.

#7. Opening Any Lock

There is various stuff that you can use to pick the lock. These include butter knife, flathead screwdriver, or anything that is flat enough. Oh, a bobby pin is perfect for this one.

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#8. Avoiding Venomous Insects

A regular spider might not be a huge burden but a poisonous one is. Keep in mind that this type of creatures has venoms poisonous enough to create severe allergic reactions. It is important that you learn to distinguish which ones are poisonous and which ones are not.

#9. Sending an Emergency Signal

If you want to achieve the best fire signal, then you must make sure there is enough smoke. This can be achieved by using fresh pine and spruce leaves. If not, you can always resort to wet leaves from trees and other rubber materials.

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#10. DIY Water Purifier

Have you tried hiking or going to places where water is scarce or just plain dirty? Apparently, there is a trick that can help you big time. Just by using coarse sand, gravel, fine sand, charcoal, and an empty bottle you can easily create your own water purifier. As the water flows through these different layers, it gets filtered.

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